The Magic Tent series is a fun filled program starring legendary actor Naseeruddin Shah and featuring puppets, original music, story telling, and comedy. In each episode the characters face a dilema and resolve it using critical thinking techniques.

It all happens in a flying tent, the home of Master Sahib, a folktale collecting wizard and his family: Zum Zum a little girl elephant; her friend Pi, a young forest jinn; Auntie Pashimina, a lady parrot and grand dame of the tent; Chachoo, the camel butler; and a troop of monkeys!

The curriculum emphasizes problem solving by:

• Asking questions
• Gathering facts
• Looking for creative solutions
• Developing informed opinions

The Magic Tent also encourages leadership and peacemaking by stressing four key building blocks:

• Appreciating diversity
• Seeking different points of view
• Valuing oneself and others
• Using imagination to find solutions

But we don't stop there. We will explore; truthfulness, bullying, health and hygiene, safety, respect for girls, issues of entitlement, preserving the environment, and learning to share.

All critical elements in developing skills for producing in a healthy and modern society.